'There were giants in the earth in those days...'

Valuable Prehistoric Find Is Reported in Maryland

July 11, 2018/Strange Discoveries/0 Comments

The following article appeared on Page 9 of The Salt Lake Tribune, on June 30, 1905: SKELETONS EIGHT FEET. Valuable Prehistoric Find Is Reported in Maryland. BALTIMORE, June 2— A number of gigantic skeletons of prehistoric Indians, nearly eight feet tall, are reported to have been discovered along the banks of…

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Remains of Giants

July 5, 2018/Strange Discoveries/0 Comments

The following article appeared on Page 1 of the Buffalo Express on April 6, 1886: Remains of Giants. Cartersville, Ga., April 5 —The water has receded from the Tumlin mound field and has left uncovered acres of skulls and bones. Some of these are gigantic if the whole frame is in…

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Bones Were Secondary

June 26, 2018/Historical Accounts/0 Comments

In 1879, Congress established the Bureau of Ethnology. Two years later, the Division of Mound Exploration was created. The object of the mound study was to determine who built the mounds—a hitherto unknown race of “mound builders” or mound-building descendants of Native American tribes. The objectives for field investigators on…

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Thighbone Over 18 Inches Long

June 19, 2018/Strange Discoveries/0 Comments

It is worth noting that Adena Mounds—which held many of the giant skeletons documented in old writings—were demolished to make way for farmers’ fields in need of planting; mounds were destroyed in other commercial ventures as well; little to no thought was given to the sacred nature of these burial…

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Archaeological Evidence—Hard to Procure!

June 12, 2018/Evidence/0 Comments

There have been some questions asked about DNA testing of teeth and bone samples of extra-large skeletal remains in order to discover the possible origins of these people. Unfortunately, there exists no or virtually no evidence to even begin to create such a quantitatively demanding study. Moreover, they engaged in…

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Tsul ‘Kalu

June 6, 2018/The Myths/0 Comments

Today, in Jackson County, North Carolina, there is a massive soapstone boulder called the Judaculla Stone. It is covered in petroglyphs and it said to have a handprint—with seven fingers—from when the giant Judaculla leapt from his mountain home onto the ground below and used the stone to steady himself.…

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May 30, 2018/Historical Accounts/0 Comments

David and Goliath, one of the first Bible stories taught to young children in Sunday school, is a timeless tale that has permeated our culture. It is spoken of metaphorically—how many motivational speeches have referred to the hero David rising to the challenge and confronting the evil giant?   Let’s take a…

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Giants & the Kebra Nagast

May 22, 2018/The Myths/0 Comments

As with the Book of Enoch, we can look again to the Ethiopian Church in our quest to corroborate the antediluvian giant legends of the Old Testament. The Kebra Nagast, or “Glory of Kings,” sheds some light onto the subject. In Chapter 100, a history is given of the angels…

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Colonel George Washington & Giant Skeletons

May 15, 2018/Strange Discoveries/0 Comments

During the height of the French and Indian War, a fort was built in the frontier town of Winchester, Virginia to protect the local citizenry from attack. Named Fort Loudoun, after the Governor General of Virginia and Commander-in-Chief John Campbell, the fourth Earl of Loudoun, construction began in 1756. The…

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